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our story

xobruno Handmade Leather Bags Portland, Oregon

our craft

Our dedication to elegance and functionality is central in our designs. Traditional craftsmanship ensures a lifetime product that can handle the daily grind, and a heritage carry that gets better with time. We believe that fast fashion is exploitive in myriad ways, and we hold at center a "fewer, finer" ethos that directs our designs and production.

We offer lifetime warranties on all of our products, and leather repair for bags that have already gone the mile. For over a decade, each piece has been designed and created by hand in our studio in Portland Oregon. Leather is a natural product that carries its own distinct markings, and will wear uniquely over time. We choose our leather mindfully for the purpose of crafting lifetime pieces.


Meet Iris

xobruno is owned and operated by Iris, our lead designer and leathersmith. The "bruno" in xobruno is an homage to a tenacious grandmother and a lineage of extraordinary women. Each mother passed to her daughter the values of patience, persistence, and commitment to creativity through hard work and the support of community.

Iris began working with leather in 2008, inspired by saddlery and shoemaking.
Growing up surrounded by horses on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, the scent and textures of leather informed her curiosity and creative drive. Desiring to reproduce heritage hunting totes and equestrian accessories for daily use, she began marrying utilitarian design and functional elegance in her creations. This pairing continues to be her focus from the drawing table to the final rivet, prioritizing minimal waste and conscious craftsmanship.