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commitment to quality

xobruno Handmade Leather Bags Portland, Oregon

Our Leather

At xobruno, each hide is chosen independently for its weight, color, temperament and durability. Hides are chosen specifically to perform best with each design, and to age beautifully. We source exclusively from tanneries in the United States, specifically from those that utilize waste from meat industries. Our goal is to create our designs using the highest quality materials while creating as little scrap as possible, lessening the environmental impact of the cattle industry.

Napa: This leather has a smooth grain and is hot stuffed with oils and waxes to accomplish a transparent, satin finish and an expressive, elegant pull up

Pebble: An unbelievably supple, thick and flexible leather with a luscious, soft, silky touch. Pigments are impregnated and enriched with oil to ensure a classic, rich look and hand

Crazy Horse: A timeless and traditional oil tanned cowhide with a satin finish, meant to have that old worn look and slight patina with age

Latigo: Originated with California's first tannery. This belt-grade latigo is rich and strong, and gets better with age. A true heritage leather

Grizzly: A beautifully muted and soft tempered leather with rugged structure and old-world esthetic

Bridle strapping: Full-grain vegetable tanned leather, drum dyed and hot stuffed with oils and pigments. This leather is finished on both sides and becomes more supple over time.

xobruno Handmade Leather Bags Portland, Oregon


We use raw brass and nickel whenever possible, as these metals have proven their strength and durability in myriad applications, and provide elegance and a heritage finish to our products. At times, nickel-plated brass, steel or aluminum are choice due to durability and availability. All hardware is solid/die-cast. We strive to utilize the strongest and most elegant hardware that will endure daily use for years to come.

xobruno Handmade Leather Bags Portland, Oregon

Leather Care

Our leathers are created to stand the test of time. We suggest purchasing a horse hair hat brush, and brushing your leather at least once a season. In general, our leathers do not require cleaners or the use of conditioners, and in the case of our pebble and crazy horse leathers, we do not suggest conditioning due to discoloration. if your leather becomes wet, simply pat to clean, and let dry. Rubbing the leather with your fingers spreads your natural oils back into any lines. Generally, a slightly damp soft cloth, or brushing are the best solutions to minor soiling.

xobruno Hardware Gold Silver

Lifetime warranty

We believe in a "fewer, finer" approach to the acquisition of intentional, functional goods. We oil our boots seasonally, store our wool and cashmere with cedar, and we expect our leathers to outlive us. This is why we design and construct our bags, wallets, and accessories to go the distance.

We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products pertaining to workmanship for the life of the bag, and are unwavering in our commitment to carry the tradition of quality, conscious craftsmanship through each creation.